Why choose Mind Risers?

Mind Risers is the one and only company that helps to reduce the gap between freshers and companies. We value each and every graduate that come to the industry as a newbie.


When we say affordable, we mean it.

Real-time Project Based Training

Students will be provided a real-time project to ensure they are research-oriented.


Yes, if you meet our evaluation criteria, you will be provided with internship or job placement in our partnered companies.

About us

Founded in 2019, Mind Risers Consortium Pvt. Ltd is a company established to provide quality set of skills to the graduates and to be a bridge between the skilled graduates and to the business that seek them. We set out to be a leading company to develop local technical expertise to an internationally accepted level. We work in the principal that community organizations, NGO’s, public sector and private sector enterprises are essential partners in the development process. Our core strategy is to strengthen these enterprises by partnering with them to provide trained manpower. In summary, we help the caterpillars to transform them into butterflies.

To sum up, Mind Risers is a fine learning organization that gives preparation on different IT courses as well as gets ready to freshers to adroitly deal with the genuine workplace. We are devoted and submitted towards providing:

Job Oriented Training

You will be taught according to the market demand of our partnered companies.

Real-time Project Evaluation

A real-time project will be assigned to you, which will be used to evaluate your knowledge.

Industry Experts

Our faculty are not full time teachers, we have a team of experts who are into real world projects. We do this to ensure they provide a sound updated technical knowledge to our students.


You will be certified after you meet all the criteria evaluation process. Evaluation process includes realtime project and interviews.

Guaranteed Placement

If you meet all our placement criteria, you will be guranteed a job or internship placement with our partnered companies.


IT Trainings

Mobile App Development
Web App Development
Desktop Software Development
System / Network Administration

Civil Engineering Software Training

Autodesk AutoCAD, Civil 3D

Sales and Marketing Training

Hoffman Training
Selling With Stories
Driving to Close
Sales Presentation Training

IT Consulting

Mobile Application Development
Website Developemt
Desktop Software Development

Civil Engineering Consulting

Engineering Projects
Architectural Projects
Planning and Management

Human Resource Placement

Internship Placement
Job placement

What our partnering company say about us?

IT Course Details

  • -Fundamentals of Python
    -Object Oriented Programming with Python
    -Data Structure and Algorithms
    -Network programming with Python
    -Database Programming (MySQL)
    -CGI programming with Python
    -GUI programming with Python-TKInter
    -Introduction to web development
    -Django Web Framework
    *Note: Comprehensive course details will be available upon request.

  • -Introduction to Android/iOS/Flutter
    -Getting Started with Android/iOS/Flutter
    -Android/iOS/Flutter System Overview
    -Android/iOS/Flutter User Interface (UI)
    -More UI Elements
    -Media Handling
    -Data Handling and Content Providers
    -Services, Broadcast Receivers, and Intent Filters
    -Google API
    -Web Services in Android/iOS/Flutter
    -Wireless and Networking
    -Telephony, SMS, and VoIP
    -Google Play/app Store
    -Android Studio/Xcode/vsCode
    -Material Design
    -Android/iOS/Flutter Interface Definition Language
    *Note: Comprehensive course details will be available upon request.

  • -Fundamentals of Java
    -OOP in Java
    -Object Design and Programming
    -String Object and Regular Expressions
    -Interfaces in Java
    -Java Exception on Handling
    -Java Collection ons API
    -Java Date and Time API
    -Design Pattern
    -Threads in Java

    Spring Framework
    -Introduction on to Spring Framework
    -Advantage of using Spring framework
    -Dependency Injection
    -Spring Configurations(XML)
    -Spring Annotations
    -Model, View, Controller
    -RequestParam, RequestMapping
    -Methods : GET, POST, UPDATE, DELETE

    Spring REST
    -JSON Data Binding
    -Rest Controller
    -POJO integration JSON
    -Spring REST Database Project
    -Spring AOP
    -Introduction, Scope
    -Aspect, Join Point, Pointcut

    *Course content for Hibernate available on request

  • -The PHP programming language
    -What is programming?
    -Variables, Syntax and expressions
    -Data Structure (Array)
    -Some useful Built-in functions
    -Object Oriented Concept in PHP
    -Examples of Popular Framework and how they works
    -What is API and how to handle it?
    -GitHub and Git (Differences and Usage)

    *Course content for framework available on request

  • Module 1: Object Oriented Programming Concepts
    -Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
    -Object-oriented Design
    -Classes and Methods
    -Abstraction and Inheritance
    -Multiple Inheritance and Interfaces
    -Polymorphic Variable
    -Frameworks and Reflection

    Module 2: Application Programming (C#)
    -Getting Started with C#
    -Variables and Data Types in C#
    -Statements and Operators
    -C# Programming Constructs
    -Classes and Methods
    -Inheritance and Polymorphism
    -Abstract Classes and Interfaces
    -Properties and Indexers
    -Exception Handling
    -Events, Delegates, and Collections
    -Generics and Iterators
    -Advanced Methods and Types
    -Advanced Concepts in C#
    -Encrypting and Decrypting Data

    Module 3: Web Programming using ASP .NET MVC
    -Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
    -Controllers in ASP.NET MVC
    -Views in ASP.NET MVC
    -Models in ASP.NET MVC
    -Data Validation and Annotation
    -Data Access
    -Consistent Styles and Layouts
    -Responsive Pages
    -State Management and Optimization
    -Authentication and Authorization
    -Debugging and Monitoring
    -Advanced Concepts of ASP.NET MVC
    -Testing and Deploying

    Module 4: Agile System Development Life Cycle for Software Projects
    -Software Characteristics
    -Software Development Life Cycle
    -Linear Process Models
    -Iterative Process Models
    -Specialized Process Models
    -Agile Software Development - I
    -Agile Software Development - II
    -Extreme Programming
    -Agile Process Models - I
    -Agile Process Models - II
    -Comparing Agile with Traditional Models
    -Introduction to DevOps and Configuration Management
    -Continuous Integration and Delivery in DevOps

    *Note: Comprehensive course details will be available upon request.

  • -Network Fundamentals
    -Introduction to Network Architecture and Protocols
    -Data Transmission, Transmission Media, and Data Encoding
    -Datalink Control
    -LAN Systems
    -Traffic Management

    *Note: CCNP course details will be available upon request.

  • *Note: Oracle/DBMS course details will be available upon request.

Civil Engineering Course Details

  • -Introduction to AutoCAD
    -Working with drawing and editing commands
    -Introduction to drawing precision settings
    -Advanced Object Types
    -Editing Commands
    -Working with blocks
    -Layout and Plotting
    -Annotating the Drawing
    -Additional Course - SWDTM

    *Note: Comprehensive course details will be available upon request.

  • -Getting Started
    -Working with points
    -Assemblies and Subassemblies

    Additional Advanced Course – I (Optional)
    -Corridor Section Editor
    -Sub-Assembly Composer

    Additional Advanced Course – II (Optional)
    -Finding and Importing Data
    -Terrain, Ground Imagery and Roads
    -Water Data and Building Data
    -3D Models

    *Note: Comprehensive course details will be available upon request.

  • -Introduction to Arc GIS
    -Working with ArcMap
    -Data Processing with Attributes
    -Data types
    -Co-ordinate system
    -Spatial analysis & Geoprocessing
    -Remote Sensing

    *Note: Comprehensive course details will be available upon request.

  • -Review of IS code , NBC and AISC codes, Software Installation (ETABS /SAFE)
    -Preliminary Design Calculations
    -Modelling on ETABS
    -Post Processing and building checks
    -Response spectrum Analysis
    -Structure Report
    -Tall Building Design, Time History and push over analysis (Conceptual)

    *Note: Comprehensive course details will be available upon request.

  • -Getting Started with Microsoft Project
    -Project Formulation
    -Project Tasks
    -Managing tasks
    -Critical Path
    -Project Resources and Costs
    -Finalizing a Project Plan
    -Updating a Project Plan
    -Monitoring and reporting the project progress
    -Working with Multiple Projects

    *Note: Comprehensive course details will be available upon request.


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